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Timeline Post by zandercrewz

April 7, 2020

Hey everyone, new here.  Just bought tickets for Lord Huron in Asbury Park, NJ this September.  Anyone else going?  (Assuming we’re alive)

Timeline Post by anne.kurtzman

April 6, 2020

Forgive this odd communication but in these odd times my normal way of licensing music is not available. Please contact me regarding a project in which we’d like to feature one of your songs. Thanks Anne Kurtzman

Timeline Post by Sutter Cane

March 25, 2020

A day under quarantine:  I am lost in time and space. Whole days fold in on themselves, morning becomes night becomes morning and a haze hangs shimmering in the air, giving everything a golden hue. The days move languidly, and it feels like summer just before fall. The sun set in a riot of neon […]

Timeline Post by terryleila

February 25, 2020

Lord Huron is my favorite band. I listened to them almost 100 hours in 2019. That doesn’t count the three awesome hours I heard them at their concert in Chattanooga, TN. Or the times I listened with my friends! Thank you all for creating such beautiful music, and I can’t wait to see the Vide […]