Timeline Post by Adeline_Pepin

I astro projected. Please listen to my story…or hear me out. YOU are part of my story and I have some questions. I’m not just some crazed fan looking for attention. But, judging by your lyrics you’ve been where I have been and I think we’re connected. Whether you respond or not…I know it. We’re entangled ….the way atoms meet and are entangled. The way our Guardians introduced us. There’s something worth listening to. Please read…

I’m diagnosed Bipolar 1 with PTSD and ADHD. I’m one hell of a big fucked up mess.

When I was a kid I wanted to save the world. I wanted to do GOOD. I wanted to be a HERO. I failed. My depression and anxiety got the best of me….as well as being physically, sexually, and verbally assaulted as a teenager. I was raised as Protestant Christian and eventually lost all faith. For a long time I didn’t believe in anything. I had given up.

This past August I was raped by my then boyfriend. I started self mutilating. I self sabotaged. I hated myself. I was mean. I was distant. I was paranoid. I was depressed. I was ILL.

Something changed me….

On New Year’s Eve of this year I took a few hits of acid, got drunk, did some cocaine, and smoked some weed… OUT OF NOWHERE I was thrown into this different dimension. I was able to bend time, go to the future, and had some pretty serious conversations with who I refer to as “My Guardians.” Much of it I remember vividly. Much of it was lost in time and space and I only realized I had lived those moments when they were happening. It was all very different from “deja vu”. I didn’t just THINK I had lived those moments before—I KNEW I had and somehow they were very important.

I won’t get into all those moments, but, the one involving YOU, is why I am writing to you now—after months of shyness, anxiety, and fear.

I am an artist….or at least that’s what I call myself. I love to paint and draw and have always felt like I have a connection with Vincent Van Gogh (at least in the way he sees art), and one afternoon I was drawing in my sketchbook and “Meet in the Woods” came on my Pandora from my xbox….. Within the first few notes I KNEW I had heard the song before….that I needed to pay attention because I was getting the same “FEELING” I did when I was “reliving” what was already lived. I stopped, cold as stone, listened to EVERY word and was thrown back to a time amongst the cosmos. It was vivid. It was REAL. It hit me in ways I cannot ever begin to describe in words. I was shaking. I was breathless. I KNEW it meant something.

This was, perhaps, two weeks after I had astro projected. And I had never heard of you before. But when I heard your song…..I somehow knew all the words and knew I hard heard it at least a thousand times before, That FEELING…..I KNEW I’d lived it and it was important….yet knew in my physical body I had never heard it before.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo, I went on this journey through your music and found that at least 15 to 20 of your songs I had somehow knew and they were meant to HELP me.

They did.

It was like you had created a reminder of my time in the cosmos that were somehow very linked to my well being.

A month later a concert in my hometown was released….Missoula, MT. I BEGGED for tickets from my boyfriend who works for the corporation that is sponsoring you. Within 24 hours I had procured the tickets….YET, I couldn’t stop listening.

I take magic mushrooms at least twice a month now and every time…..I listen to your music and a new message is sent to me.

I’ve dealt with Bipolar 1 my entire life, have been on mood stabilizers and medication for YEARS, but coupled with the psychedelics and music I have never been able to see so clearly or love, or be happy as much as I have now….after all these years.

Despite my abusive past I maintained a 4.0 GPA and graduated Valid Victorian of my high school class. I went in to collage with a full ride scholarship but flunked out my second semester because I became pregnant…..I was a very young 19 year old with a very beautiful little girl and sacrificed everything to take care of her completely on my own. A year later I would have another little girl.

Today they are almost 11 and almost 9. But….I wouldn’t take it back.

It just wasn’t until I discovered your music these past 7 months that I was reminded of something one of my cosmic guardians said to me—-that I was a “Star Child.”

I will be at your show here in Missoula in the next couple weeks and although you may never want to meet me or see me or even deal with me (Although I’m really smart I am also VERY shy and so I don’t expect you’d want to chat with me anyways), but….I guess I just want to know if it’s all connected….or maybe if you’ve met me or known me in your astro-cosmic life? Maybe if I AM important?

If so….perhaps you could send me a message? Dedicate “Meet Me in the Woods” or “Secret of Life” to the Star Children? Just…some sign….SOMETHING?

Thank you if you’ve gotten this far…or if any of this makes sense to you at all…..Your music helped me through one of the hardest times of my life and if it wasn’t for the ancient ones I don’t know if I would have gotten that….

If ya ever DO want to meet maybe I can mentally prepare myself enough not to chicken out….BUT, seriously, if you’ve seen them too….can you please just dedicate a song to the Star Children so I don’t think I’m completely nuts?

Your cosmic friend,

Adeline Pepin